English Victorian Engraved Buckle Ring, Circa 1894



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Current ring size 8 1/4

Most rings can be safely sized up or down one full size, and sometimes more. However, eternity bands and some styles, due to their construction, cannot be sized and will be noted as such. Sizing is complimentary for six months from the date of purchase when sized within the possible ring size range noted or one size up or down from current size. If a ring needs to be sized outside of the the possible ring size range you may incur an additional charge.


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Utilitarian and, at the same time, a very cool jewelry motif, buckles were a favorite during the Victorian era. This charming band ring, hand fabricated in rich 18K yellow gold and hand engraved with a lovely foliate design, ensures that your finger, as well as your waist, has its fair share of buckle fun. From Birmingham, England, circa 1894, according to the abundant hallmarks inside the shank. Currently and forever ring size 8 1/4.


18 Karat Yellow Gold
Current Ring Size:
8 1/4 Most rings can be resized up or down one size unless noted and sometimes more.
Possible Ring Size:
8 1/4
7/16 Inch
1/16 Inch
Gram Weight:
5.3 Grams

About Victorian Jewelry

The eclectic Victorians didn’t limit themselves when it came to motifs and themes—if it struck their fancy, they turned it into jewelry. Sweet and sentimental with a distinct romantic streak, Victorian gems expanded upon their Georgian predecessors. The array of styles that blossomed (sometimes quite literally) during this era endure to this day.

Jewelry Care

As with anything of value, especially sentimental value, taking good care of your vintage and antique jewelry from Lang will enhance its beauty and extend its lifespan. We encourage you to have your jewelry checked and cleaned by us or by your trusted local jeweler every six months, to ensure that each piece is in good wearable condition with all gemstones in place. It’s not uncommon for stones to loosen over time, and it’s much easier to tighten a loose stone than to replace a lost one! As stated in our Repair Policy, we strongly recommend that you allow us to perform any repairs, since our jewelers are specialists in restoring vintage and antique jewelry.


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