Why Vintage Jewelry?


We love antique and vintage jewelry. Here are some reasons why.

Aesthetic beauty:

Compared to the lion’s share of its contemporary counterparts, the vast variety of styles to be discovered in vintage jewels - from sleekly tailored to feminine and fanciful, from geometric to curvaceous, from boldly rendered to ornately detailed, from nature inspired to purely abstract - encompass virtually every design aesthetic under the sun.


There is no comparison between the expertly hand fabricated, meticulously detailed, unparalleled artistry of jewels of the past with the mostly mass produced, corporate, machine made jewelry of today. You will frequently find that the reverse sides of yesterday’s jewels exhibit more time, effort, and attention to detail than the front sides of modern pieces.

Eco/Ethical Concerns:

By definition, vintage jewels cause no negative environmental impact or have any connection with dubious political problems. There is simple no better guilt-free choice.


Although sometimes more than one of a certain piece was produced long ago, it is rare to run into a duplicate vintage jewel.

Diamonds and gemstones:

The beauty of antique and vintage diamonds are the individual characteristics which distinguishes each and every stone. Rather than strictly adhering to cookie-cutter formulas, the diamond cutters of yore viewed each rough diamond as an ancient Greek or Roman sculptor viewed a rough piece of marble and proceeded to fashion it according to the dictates of nature and his own artistic impulses to create the most beautiful stone possible.

Whereas fine colored gemstones are still mostly cut by hand, the original mines that produced the finest sapphires, rubies, emeralds, opals, jade, etc., have been long exhausted.


In our trend driven disposable society, it stands to reason that if the appeal and value of a classic vintage jewels has lasted till now, they will continue to be coveted and valued in the future.

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